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Our approach is holistic: focusing on the individual. We work with our patients to create customized and realistic care plans aimed at achieving individual health goals, while staying with you every step of the way. Meet our team!

Angela Warburton B.A, DTCM, R.Ac

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Angela has been treating, educating and empowering people about their health since 2001. In her private practice, as clinic director of Urban Wellness (an integrative health clinic in downtown Toronto), as a faculty member at the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto (www.itm.org), a frequent workshop presenter and lecturer including the University of Toronto and a regular expert guest on the Steven and Chris show (CBC/Slice Network), Angela brings her enthusiasm and expertise to educate, inspire and empower people in every medium possible.

Having a background in health sciences studying nutrition and dietetics at McGill university, a degree in Psychology as well as her extensive and ongoing training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Angela pulls from her diverse background to offer the wisdom of traditional medicines combined with the most up-to-date, relevant and impactful options available for her patients and students. Angela has additional training in applied mindfulness based mediation and runs a weekly mindful meditation group out of her clinic in Toronto.

Whether it be educating and inspiring people about food and nutrition, mental and emotional healing or just general wellness, Angela’s whole person based approach to wellness aims to leave people inspired, feeling better and with a practical group of customized tips and tools for their life.

Angela is passionate about helping people achieve their optimum state of health, vitality and well-being: Mind, body and spirit.

Rhiannon Hughes, RMT, B.Sc

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Rhiannon began studying manual therapy after getting a B.Sc in Kinesiology from McGill University, following years of intensive dance training. Driven by an interest to learn about the body through a new lens, she became trained in Thai Yoga Massage in 2008, both in Montreal and Chiang Mai, Thailand. The experience further fueled her desire to work in a therapeutic field and in 2011, Rhiannon became a Certified Massage Therapist after studying Kinetic Swedish Massage at Kiné-Concept in Montreal. Later, she moved to Toronto to continue her studies at Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. She became a Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario in 2014.

Rhiannon believes in a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to injury management and physical rehabilitation, and on a larger scale, to general well-being and optimal health. Beyond relaxation and lessening muscle tension, massage therapy can play a helpful role in managing a myriad of issues ranging from nerve impingement, mobility restrictions and postural imbalances, to poor sleep quality, mood disorders, and chronic headaches.

Rhiannon’s active lifestyle, her experience with various forms of bodywork, and her background in dance and yoga build upon her theoretical knowledge of the body. Her therapeutic approach strives to strike a balance between methodology and intuition to best meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

Jordan Lewis, MSW

With more than 15 years of clinical experience, Jordan has worked with many individuals, couples, and families that have faced a wide range of challenges. He helps his clients to clear away the obstacles so that they can once again see the answers for themselves and move forward with their lives. Jordan works from a strength-based approach and utilizes diverse interventions including: Motivational Interviewing; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy among others. Jordan is always looking forward to new challenges and working to help you live your best possible life.

Kristin Tait, B. Kin., RHN, RNCP

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As a holistic nutritionist Kristin uses nutrition and mind-body practices to help her clients create and live a nourished life.  It is Kristin’s belief that from a place of nourishment, all things are possible; that when we are nourished on all levels we are better able to heal, practice resilience, reach our potential, and be who we want to be. Kristin’s passion is helping her clients uncover the root cause of their health issues and find their unique soul food – the particular food, supplements, practices, environments, experiences and activities that will naturally nourish them and restore their energy, vitality, health and well-being.

Kristin has an honours degree in kinesiology and health science. She is a registered holistic nutritionist, a certified exercise physiologist, a reiki practitioner and a yoga teacher. The combination of her formal education and her own healing journey has given her a wealth of knowledge, tools, and practices with which to educate and empower her clients on their path to optimal health and wellness.

Kristin is a compassionate, intuitive, and insightful student of life. Her kind of soul food is cooking for loved ones, hiking, practicing yoga, meditation and Qi Gong, photography, reading, and empowering others on their quest to live an authentic, inspired, and nourished life.

Kandiss Fernando, R.Ac / R.TCMP

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After leaving the accounting field to pursue her interest in holistic health care, Kandiss experienced a new beginning in the realm of Traditional Medicine. Having completed her 5-year Graduate Diploma in Oriental Medicine (TCM) at the Institute of Traditional Medicine, one of her goals as a practitioner is to be a witness to the healing journey that is unique to each and every one of her clients. Along with being trained in the art of Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment, Kandiss respects the element of “that which cannot be explained” and thus provides the space that allows transformation to occur. She believes that everyone is in possession of an inner wisdom that tells him or her what is most important for their own healing and thus strives to encourage and empower her clients to reconnect with their inner truth.

Anita Rajan, BSc., DC, RYT

Anita is making waves in the health and wellness world. She is a pioneer in the field of chiropractic by combining her many healing arts to care for patients in a unique and holistic manner. Anita knew from an early age that her passion was in natural healing and the gifted touch in her hands.  She completed her BSc. in Biology and then pursued her Doctor of Chiropractic degree at the National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, IL. Anita began practicing in southern California, the epicentre of holistic healing. Along her journey as a healer she has been a lifelong learner, and has an extensive portfolio of techniques she uses to treat patients including Network Spinal Analysis and traditional manual chiropractic adjustments. Staying true to her Indian roots, Anita incorporates Ayurvedic principles into her method as well as her extensive experience in spa therapies. Anita’s healing skills include energetic medicine, scientific hand analysis and incorporating the incredible healing properties of essential oils into her practice. Anita is a certified yoga teacher and a trained classical Indian temple dancer. Anita’s goal is to guide patients to their optimal spinal mobility and neurological function. The birth of her baby nephew was a strong draw to carry on her interest in paediatric and women’s health and bring some west coast vibes to the city of Toronto. With her sunshine presence, Anita is here to help everyone reach their highest potential in health.

Ashley Chauvin, ND

Ashley Chauvin graduated from Wayne State University in Michigan with a degree in Radiation Therapy.  During her internship, patients had questions about whether or not natural therapies could effect their overall prognosis.  This led Ashley to become interested in the impact of nutrition as well as the efficacy and safety of botanicals and supplements in combination with chemotherapy and radiation.

Ashley attended the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto where she received special training in naturopathic adjunctive cancer care as an intern.

Upon graduating from CCNM, she completed a residency program in naturopathic oncology where she received advanced training in intravenous therapy.

Ashley believes in an integrative and evidence based approach to helping patients with cancer during conventional treatment.  Ashley is also passionate about creating individualized treatment plans to assist in the prevention of primary and recurrent cancers.

Ashley is registered and in good standing with the College of Naturopaths of Ontario.  She is a member of the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors, Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and the Oncology Association of Naturopathic Physicians.

Jennifer Bowers R.Ac, R. TCMP

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Jen Bowers is an Advanced Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with over 5000 hours of clinical training. Jen has a B.Sc. in Biology from Dalhousie University and she specializes in reproductive health and fertility for both men and women. It is her belief that Chinese medicine and Western medicine go hand-in-hand to create healthy pregnancies that result in healthy babies. Jen has worked for the past fifteen years as a sexual health educator at Planned Parenthood, and as an advocate for women’s health. She is also a clinical supervisor at the Institute of Traditional Medicine.

Michelle Richea, ND

Michelle has a passion for empowering her clients with the knowledge essential for healthy living and disease prevention. Michelle is dedicated to addressing her client’s health concerns by identifying the root cause of illness and offering safe and effective treatment options to restore the body to a natural state of balance. As an experienced Naturopathic Doctor, Michelle considers each client and their concerns from a holistic perspective to promote healing on all levels. Michelle believes in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and strives to support this self-healing capacity to enhance vitality and effect positive healthy change.

Prior to her naturopathic studies, Michelle graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc in Human Physiology. With a commitment to health promotion and a desire to educate and motivate people with regards to healthy living, Michelle decided to embark on a career in Naturopathic Medicine. Following four years of intensive study, including a year of clinical internship, Michelle graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (CCNM). Michelle is a registered Naturopathic Doctor licensed to practice in the province of Ontario. She works with MDs to offer complementary and integrated natural healthcare. Outside of private practice, Michelle holds a part-time clinic faculty position at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, and beyond the clinic setting Michelle offers educational health seminars for community events and corporate wellness programs.

Michelle has held a general family naturopathic practice since 2006 and enjoys working with patients of all ages to address a wide range of health concerns. From kiddie’s colds to supporting women through perimenopausal changes, Michelle connects with each patient to offer the most appropriate and individualized care. Michelle invites you to visit her for a complimentary 15 minute information session to learn how Naturopathic Medicine can help you achieve your health goals.

Courtney Marshall, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Courtney is a classically trained Osteopathic Manual Practitioner who completed a four year Masters in Osteopathic Manipulative Sciences program at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy. She graduated at the top of her class, receiving the Dr. A.T Still Medal of Honour for outstanding academic and clinical proficiency. Prior to her osteopathic studies, Courtney graduated with honours from the Biomedical Sciences program at the University of Guelph. She has always been fascinated with anatomy, physiology, and the inner workings of the human body and wants to use her knowledge to help people and make a real difference in their health and well-being.

Osteopathy is a gentle and effective form of manual therapy that focuses on treating the patient as a whole. It gets to the root cause of pain and dysfunction rather than just treating symptoms. If you come in with a knee problem for example, Courtney will not just work directly on your knee; she will assess the biomechanics of your entire body and correct all of the forces contributing to that knee problem using osteopathic manual therapy. Osteopathy aims to align the structure of the body, get rid of mechanical restrictions and restore motion in joints and tissues. This improves nerve flow, arterial supply and venous/lymphatic drainage, which encourages healing and alleviates pain and inflammation. One of the principles of osteopathy is “structure and function are interrelated on all levels”. When your body’s framework is balanced and moving properly, its internal contents are also given the space, supply, and drainage needed to function as optimally as possible. Everyone can benefit from osteopathic treatments, whether you have a specific injury or condition, general aches and pains, or are looking for a preventive therapy to help balance your body and improve your overall health!

To learn more visit www.marshallosteopathic.com

Aisha Tambo, Somatic Experience and Reiki Practitioner

Aisha spent a decade working in the field of social services in both Australia and Canada, before recently beginning her own healing practice. She completed her training in Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution (S.E.) at the end of 2015. S.E. is a naturalistic approach to healing trauma and stress that uses the body as a guide to tune into and listen to where survival energy may be stuck and how to discharge/deactivate that energy. It’s a slow, organic process that taps into the different ways that we experience life and follows the intelligence of the body to heal trauma and stress in a safe way.

In 2016 she became a Reiki (ray-key) practitioner, which is a Japanese natural healing technique involving a “laying on of hands”. It is very gentle and non-invasive. The universal life force energy is channeled through the practitioner into the client. Reiki treats mind, body and spirit and Reiki sessions are available for all ages and benefits everyone.

Aisha uses both approaches and incorporates them along with an ongoing curiosity about how one’s spirituality can inform and support one’s healing process and journey.

For more information on Somatic Experiencing, please visit https://traumahealing.org/

Prapti Giri, RN, MSW

Prapti is a trauma-informed, queer-positive Registered Nurse offering psychotherapy. She has completed her training in Somatic ExperiencingTM, which is a body-oriented approach of healing trauma. She also has training in mindfulness, narrative, psychodynamic and attachment theories. She recently completed a Masters of Social Work, where she focused her studies on how systemic oppressions such as racism, sexism, ableism and classism affect individual and collective well-being. She is also interested in how our ancestry impacts our lives, and especially how colonialism and its economy shape our identities and our interactions with others.

She helps individuals slowly and mindfully integrate their thoughts, sensations, and movements such that overwhelming life experiences are renegotiated to achieve balance and regulation in body and mind. She is committed to building a relationship that supports your unique needs, develops your strengths, and fosters your innate ability to heal.

For more information on Prapti visit her website at somatictherapytoronto.ca